After a decade of prompting from friends and sitting on at least four domain names that I faithfully paid for going on five years now (none of which were used for this blog, as luck would have it), here it is: my first personal blog.

The Gray Day Blog is about celebrating the beauty of life – specifically, my life, but also img_1036those around me and strangers whom I don’t know, but whose acts have inspired me in big and small ways. It’s about sharing cool finds – whether it be beauty products, gadgets, or delicious, fragrant teas. Anything! So long as it enhances daily living, wellness, and spirit, I’m with it. It’s a reprieve from the bombardment of ‘bad’ we get daily and a reminder that even ‘gray days’ are to be celebrated.

My husband has a saying: “Make it a GREAT day – on PURPOSE!”

I love that idea. It speaks to the power that we all have to change our mood, our current situation, or even overhaul our whole lives.

It’s with that in mind that I begin my journey as a blogger. I am not sure where this path will lead, but boy – am I happy I am finally on it.