Live How You Want to Be Remembered

I wasn’t going to click on this video at first. The title had me so worried I would just be sad watching it, so I hesitated. But a new friend of mine recently shared it, saying that the woman featured in it was her beloved aunt whom had passed three years ago today. My heart ached for her, as you could tell she was still very much in mourning.

Watching this video, it’s beyond apparent why.

Lisa Cook: I didn’t know you and never got the chance to meet you, but I want you know that your positivity was radiantly beautiful and POWERFUL and that your words of wisdom and approach to such a grueling physical and emotional challenge give us all something to live up to, especially when challenged with the unforeseen.

Watch and be inspired! Thank you for letting me share, Krissy…





2 thoughts on “Live How You Want to Be Remembered

  1. Thank you for sharing this noble story. Still made me cry… a lot. My husband was very sick at the beginning of the year, and his laughter and strength carried us all through. I find that when he’s down so am I, but when he’s up we all win. Something to think about. ❤

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