Smile of the Day…

Admittedly, I am not a “Unicorn” person, but this lady’s fabulousness cannot be denied! She decked out her entire apartment in the most magical of ways. Click here for all the photos from boredpanda. It is truly, truly crazy cool!



Talk about living in your dream. Just makes me want to grab a scoop of (dairy-free) “ice cream” – or better yet, rainbow sherbet – pull up a spot on the bright green couch, and have a gab fest with this woman.

Can’t get enough. No worries. The lady behind the lovely loft, Amina Mucciolo, posted this nearly 13-minute video about it. Too long for me to watch, but hey… Enjoy!





2 thoughts on “Smile of the Day…

    • It made me happy too! I think that would be a little much for me to relax in every day as my home, but I could definitely visit there everyday with my laptop and get to writing or painting or whatever! I could see maybe doing a bonus room like this, but not my entire house. I need more ‘zen.’


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