Distorted World View

Part of the reason I think we find our world in the state that we do today is lack of empathy and a skewed worldview in which us and people like us (i.e. communities that we are familiar with and embrace as our own) count more/mean more/are superior than those who are not. The acceptance of this mindset is not always purposeful or apparent, but rather latently and even passively absorbed by way of falsehoods passed off as fact via flawed education, inaccurate news reporting, and word of mouth distortions of truth.

I came across this article recently about how a more accurate World Map won a presitgious Japanese Design Award. Created by Hajime Narukawa at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance in Tokyo, the design just won the grand prize from Japan’s Good Design Award as Spoon & Tamago reports. It beat out over 1000 entries in a variety of categories. The world map is now used in Japanese schools.


Created by Hajime Narukawa

Notice the not-so-subtle differences (how Africa is finally to scale, how much smaller the US looks, etc) and take note of how receiving accurate information feels. Does the map just look off to you? If so, that’s saying something. I means what’s wrong has been taught to you as right for so long that right looks wrong. It means that it’s time to see beyond what people say is the truth and look for the truth yourself. Let this map be a reminder of that.




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