Parenting at The Polls

Standing in line to early vote today, I turned to my husband and noted, “You know? This is her third time voting in her two and a half years on this earth.” Her would be our daughter, Emmanuelle. She doesn’t let us call her “Emmy” anymore. She’s way too mature for that, it seems 🙂

With the exception of voting in the primaries (which I do, but my husband doesn’t since he votes independently of party lines), we always go to the polling places together as a family and exercise our civil liberties. Of course, I think of the African American freedom fighters before me who helped secure our right to take part in these elections, but I also think of my daughter’s generation and the generations to come.


As a woman, I also feel that it is my responsibility to be a good role model for other young ladies when it comes to practicing my civic duty and that that starts at home, with my own child. There are so many issues that affect us as women today that we need to take a stand on, lest someone else does – and by ‘someone,’ I mean someMEN.

When you vote this year, I encourage you to bring a young person along – be it your own child or a neighbor or a family friend. Explain to them what the process of voting looks like, what research you did into the candidates and referendum on the ballots beforehand, and why you feel the way you do on whatever topics you feel strongly about. Encourage questions and dialogue and be open to educating and being educated. Who knows when a question can turn into more.

Happy Voting!




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