Vibrant Vorfreude!

You ever feel like you are on the verge of something great – like, TRULY life-changing – but can’t put your finger on it? That feeling of ever-present, consistent expectation of ‘good’ to come your way in the near future – but when, you are unsure of?

As of late – I have felt that way a lot. Perhaps that’s where the ‘overwhelmed’ feeling is coming from as well, as if I am trying to prep myself and get what’s currently on my plate in order because when the ‘good thing’ hits, it hits BIG and I have to switch all my focus and energy to that.

I know all about the The Secret and speaking things into existence, but this is beyond that. Feelings like this are more powerful than my will… more powerful than my desire. Knowing that though is where it can go left…

Acknowledging and accepting that it is bigger than me and very truly a divine order and/or intervention lends itself to the possibility of mental dissent.

“Who am I to expect something huge to happen in my life?” 

“I am blessed! Why am I so selfish as to want or expect more?”

“Who am I to say that God has something unbelievably great on the horizon for me?

“Is this feeling really His will or just my wishful thinking?”

It’s when those doubts creep up that I quiet my mind, say a prayer, and just stay still for a moment. In an instant, the questioning dissipates and I relish in my intuition once more, knowing that faith is my driving force and anticipation is my motivating force to get cracking.

Today, I plan on remembering – and want you all to remember too – to ignore the naysayer within… to banish the self-doubt. There is nothing weak or silly about trusting your gut, believing in yourself, or having faith that God is going to work wonders in your life in short order. Step out on faith and watch how high you soar! I am waiting and working with anxious anticipation!




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