Go Hard!

A lot of us have visions for ourselves, but it’s effort that differentiates dreams from reality. How much are you willing to put on the line in order to achieve your dreams? Have you forgotten about them along the way? Have they changed without you even acknowledging that they have? Whatever you pursue, whatever you do: don’t half ass it! Give it all that you got.

These are words I live by. I don’t step out on every opportunity, but when it is the right one  – when I feel it in my gut, when I feel God’s grace all over it, when I know it fulfills my own personal passion and betters my family as well – I go hard! I am incapable of passive participation. If I am a part of something, I am 110% or not at all.


Geoffery Rogers, in eighth grade at Monroe High School, calls himself Rochester’s youngest reporter. He was interviewing Capt. Korey Brown, Rochester Police, about a shooting. (Photo: Jon Hand)

Eighth-grader Geoffery Rogers is a young man after my own heart. He was the feature of another story out of my ‘adopted’ hometown of Rochester, NY yesterday, making me – a complete stranger – beam with pride! Would that we all harness the enthusiasm and passion of Geoffery! The world would be a better – and happier – place!

When you get the chance, check out this video from journalist Jon Hand about Geoffery, the city’s “youngest journalist.” The preteen took it upon himself to seize the day and not hold off for some hypothetical “one day” despite his age. He pedals his bike everywhere from parades to crime scenes to cover the city’s happenings on his own social media channels, undeterred by his youth in comparison with seasoned reporters in the field. His example is we could all stand to remember. “One day” is TODAY! Don’t wait for it to happen. MAKE it happen!






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