Learning to Accept Help…

Even when you are doing well juggling all of life’s responsibilities – work, family, friends, activities, etc. – it’s nearly impossible to keep from feeling overwhelmed at times. The last couple of weeks have felt like that for me. Ok, really… the last couple of months, maybe. From all accounts, I haven’t let a ball drop… yet. But, I know that is not of my own doing. The network of support I have between my amazing husband being a sounding board and endless source of love and understanding, fantastic mother-in-law who helps with watching my daughter when we need it and is always a great ear to listen, my sister and parents who are just a phone call away, and my friends who never make me feel bad for ‘only having time for a quick tea or lunch’ (I need to be better than that), I have a lot of people helping me toward the finish line each week.

The Brownlee Brothers’ recent display on the world stage truly illustrates my point (see above).

Today, I urge you to acknowledge the network of people around you who allow you to be GREAT. If you aren’t tapping into your network, then I urge you to remember you can’t do it alone. You will burn out and that helps no one. I really believe we were put on this earth to help each other and be a part of a greater community. If you are always used to “giving,” learn to “get” as well. There are plenty of people willing to pitch a hand – if you let them.




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