Smile of the Day

As if on cue given last week’s How Old Is Too Old To Have a Baby post, I closed out last week with the news that Kaleb aka “Baby Buns” went home from the hospital after 355 days under doctors’ and nurses’ watchful eyes while in ICU.

I came to know about Mr. Baby Buns after watching this viral video last year.

After 17 years of trying to conceive a child together, and suffering four miscarriages and one stillbirth, Dana Graves’ video of her telling her husband Arkell the news touched everyone’s hearts. I followed their facebook page religiously over the last year following that video, eagerly awaiting news on Kaleb’s health. Through ups and downs, setback and tremendous gains, the Graves were so kind as to keep us all abreast of Kaleb’s progress. I have literally laughed, cried, and sighed with them and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of others on their facebook page for a year, so the feeling of happiness that is in my heart for this family feels as if it’s for my own – and I know people all over the nation and the world feel the same.


Photo courtesy of  Angel Expressions Photography

While trying to conceive a biological child of their own, Dana and Arkell became parents to a boy named Keelyn as well by way of adoption. From two, to three, to four – their family is now all together and home where they belong.

“We have to thank our Wonderful Neonatal Team at MCV/VCU Neonatal Medical staff for the care provided for our #BabyBuns. At this very moment, all of my men are asleep under the same roof,” Dana said on her page. “Some days I really didn’t think that would happen. During this last year I’ve had some emotional trying times. I questioned my judgment, I questioned my faith and I questioned God. But I never lost my Faith in God. Each day He soothed me, made me a little stronger and calmed my sense of anxiousness.”

What a beautiful testimony! Happy Monday, all. ❤





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