How Old is Too Old To Have A Baby?

When Janet canceled her tour back in April to work on ‘family planning,’ there was a lot of kick back on the interwebs saying that she was far too old to try and conceive. Now that she has successfully conceived, the naysayers still have something to sayscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-10-21-pm

Boo, that dude! For real. BOOOOO!

No one should ever give up hope or lose faith in God’s plan for them and their families. Creating a family at any age is a beautiful thing and how and when people choose to create said families is their decision. Who knows what challenges Janet faced when trying to conceive? For all we know, she may have tried years ago, but it just happened now. She is fit, healthy, happy, and fully prepared and mature enough to embody the true patience you need to be a great parent. I mean, look at her? Just GORG!!!

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exclusive personal photo of janet jackson as seen on courtesy solaiman fazel and janet jackson

For couples who have been told they couldn’t conceive or that it would be difficult, know that doctors are not the be all, end all of your story. When I was 32 closing in on 33, doctors told us that fibroids I didn’t even know I had would likely ruin our chances to have a baby right away. They said if we were able to conceive (they feared one fibroid in particular would crowd a baby’s space to grow in utero), I may not be able to carry to term (another was significantly blocking a baby’s way out). I worried for about a half a day before heeding my husband’s advice to not operate out of fear, but trust in God’s faithfulness. After all, He has gotten us this far, why go back on trusting Him now?

And you know what? When we did conceive it was right away with our daughter and the pregnancy was by and large smooth sailing, until the very end – and even then, God came through beautifully and expectedly. She was huge too at 9.5 pounds – God’s exclamation point, I say. I imagine God saying, “Not only am I going to give them a baby, I am going to give them a big, ole healthy, whopper of a baby to make a point!”

We were fortunate. Others have more troubles and the heartbreak they have to endure is unspeakable. All the more reason every child is to be celebrated and loved and adored, for their existence is a gift. And for the parents – whose union of love created this child – this time is yours, whether you are 25 or 55. God will work it all out. For those parents who have angel babies or couples who feel like they have waited too late to try for whatever reason – it’s never too late – whether that’s conceiving or adopting or fostering or just being fully present and there for a child in need. Never give up on your hopes of being a parent.

In all matters, what God has for you, God has for YOU. Know it. Live it. Love it!

Congratulations, Janet and Wissam – and congrats to all of you reading this who are trying to build your families. I am claiming success for you in advance! Praise and celebrate God’s work in your life IN ADVANCE and watch Him show allllll the way out! You may have a 10-pound ‘exclamation point’ of your own sooner than you think!





8 thoughts on “How Old is Too Old To Have A Baby?

  1. People are leading healthier, longer lives. Therefore, if your body is capable of a pregnancy at 50 years old…why not! Why should we as women limit ourselves.

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  2. I just love how people feel the need to tell others how to live their lives. Especially when the outcomes have nothing to do with their lives whatsoever. Let that woman live and enjoy her pregnancy and her child (when it arrives).

    Good work. Love this!

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  3. I found out at our first ultrasound that I had two significantly sized fibroids too, as well as two other smaller ones. I never knew before – no reason to have an ultrasound prior to the pregnancy. My OB was a little worried initially, said she would watch them during the pregnancy, but they caused zero problems whatsoever during the pregnancy. Also, we conceived immediately though I was of Advanced Maternal Age (37, so ancient! ;-)). Clearly those fibroids cannot stop our kiddos!

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