The Love of A Child…

When you are a parent, there’s nothing in the world that compares to receiving a child’s love. Just a hug from my daughter sends my heart soaring! It’s no wonder this video touched me in a special way. The sacrifice our military and military families make daily is one that few of us truly understand. Our ‘thanks’ can never truly be enough.

When you go about your day today, remember what it felt like to love something or someone the way you did when you were a child – with your whole heart, no filter, and no fear. As we get older, many of us put blocks up when it comes to giving and receiving love from others. Why? I don’t know.

We can all learn something from this young boy. I’m so appreciative of him and his entire family for sharing this special moment with us and smiling BIG thinking about them all reunited again. As they should be 🙂




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