My First Blog

I went on a social media detox awhile back… and I work in social media. That says something.

My fb and twitter feeds felt like a scrolling obit, peppered with doom and gloom and heartbreak. Headlines and video clips that captured everyone’s attention, not only captured mine, but consumed my thoughts throughout the day.

My fingers would fly across my phone, so I could engage in online debate with random acquaintances or complete strangers depending on the topic. I’d reach for my phone first thing in the morning and read headline after headline of horribleness and tragedy.

I told myself I was just staying informed. After all, a journalist is always a journalist, even if she or he isn’t a working journalist anymore. But, what I was doing wasn’t healthy.

I was stressed. I was short with loved ones. I was just… sad. And I wasn’t alone.

In my conversations with friends and family, the same sentiments were almost universally expressed and repeatedly. My unofficial poll lead to this conclusion:

We are not robots. We are human beings. There’s just so much ‘bad’ one can take.

So, I stopped. For two or three weeks, I let go of all personal social media (obviously, I couldn’t get away from it for work). I blocked my personal accounts so I couldn’t get to them and deleted all my personal log-in information from the apps on from my phone, if I didn’t delete them entirely.

In its place, I started to seek out positive stories to balance out my ‘doom and gloom’ mental overload. By actively searching for stories of the good and the inspiring, stories of acts of selflessness and love, I was able to restore my internal harmony and get back my happy. Now, I’m spreading it around, so you don’t have to go digging for the good.

Consider The Gray Day Blog the antithesis to your facebook news feed. It is about celebrating life and everything and everyone that makes life beautiful. I named this blog The Gray Day Blog purposely, so you’d be reminded that even a ‘gray day’ can shine bright – if you let it.








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